Non Surgical & Natural Facelift

Getting a non-surgical facelift

Looking for an alternative to invasive surgery, then a non-surgical facelift may be the right solution for you. There are many differing ways to go about obtaining a non-surgical facelift; most are better suited for those younger individuals just now experiencing signs of aging. Though this is the case, there are now methods that target individuals aging in their 40's and 50's who experience deeper wrinkles and sagging skin.

Advantages of a non-surgical facelift

A non-surgical facelift has numerous advantages. First and foremost, the overall cost of this procedure is substantially different. While a traditional and surgical facelift can cost a few thousand pounds depending on the severity of the operation, a non-surgical facelift can cost between £1000-£1800. Along with the severity of the operation, the size of the area being covered in the treatment is also a factor when judging the cost. In general, only one treatment is required; if the area is in need of more treatments, there is often no more than three. Each doctor is able to discuss specific recommendations for each patient's particular concerns.

Types of non-surgical facelift

Of all the new non-surgical facelift procedures available, the two most widely known are Thermage and Titan. Each of these treatment types utilise different proprietary technologies while essentially both aiming to eat the deep layers of skin to effect what is known as a healing response. This response from the skin causes an increased production of collagen as well as a remodeling of the existing collagen. The contracting of the underlying tissues of the skin from this process results in a tighter and far more uplifted appearance to the treated area(s) overall. This procedure is nothing like chemical peels and lifts of that sort, as there is no removal of the skin; this makes the process far more suitable for patients with darker skin tones.

Related Issues of Non-surgical facelifts

The risk, recovery, and downtime with non-surgical facelifts are rarely issues. Pain management, overall, has hardly been an issue. Some procedures do require use of local anesthetics or over the counter pain medication, while others use nothing at all. Each of the treatments does require some means of cooling the skin during the time the procedure is taking place. The downtime, for most patients, is minimal to non-existent. There is often some temporary swelling, redness, or even skin blanching immediately following a treatment. Some of the most serious risks of the treatment include bumps, blisters, pigmentation changes, or sometimes skin depressions. Each of those risks is extremely rare.

Non-surgical laser facelift

The beauty of modern technology, in an almost literal sense, has now made it possible for you to have an effective facelift without the surgery. There are masses of options available including non-surgical laser facelifts, micro current facelifts, and many others! Each of these procedures provides minimally invasive and astonishingly efficient results with practically no pain at all. The most commonly pursued type of lift is the non-surgical laser facelift. A non-surgical laser facelift is a cost-efficient and a viable means to enhance the appearance to be more pleasing to oneself, or others. This non-surgical procedure is able to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and boosts the overall appearance of the face. This type of procedure is often less expensive and also demands a far shorter period of recovery than alternative forms of surgery. A traditional surgical facelift averages around the $6,000 mark, and this does not include a myriad of related costs. Along with this, the recovery time for traditional procedures often requires relatively long periods of recovery, and has a far higher risk of complications from the procedure itself.

What is a non-surgical laser facelift?

The laser facelift, also known as laser resurfacing, involves the use of a carbon dioxide laser which removes damaged or wrinkled areas of skin layer by layer. It is obvious that the procedure does not actually lift the face but instead minimizes the overall appearance of both wrinkle-prone areas such as the eyes and minimize the appearance of fine lines. This can be done covering the entire face, or just specific areas. Laser facelifts are often completed alongside other cosmetic procedures such as a traditional facelift, where the skin is tightly pulled to the scalp. There are several advantages provided by a non-surgical laser facelift against opposing methods such as a chemical peel. First and foremost, there is little to no bleeding what so ever after a treatment. This is an ongoing issue with many patients. Next, the discomfort post-surgery is minimal. The combination of the minimal bleeding, alongside the minimal discomfort, makes this surgery choice for patience in fear of such issues. The lift also has visible results of making the face appear much younger, along with enhancing the patient?s self-confidence. It is easy to see how and why patients pursue a non-surgical laser facelift instead of traditional surgical procedures. The lift gives real people, real results, at a reasonable price and recovery time

Facial Tape for Non Surgical Facelift - How Effective is Face Tape?

Instant facelift tape is become very popular as no surgery is needed and can make you look years younger. Many celebrities have been using face tape for years, they use them for an instant facelift when having a photo shoot or going to events such as the red carpet. Face tape is easy to use and quite cheap, it is good for a night out and for people who don?t like the idea of surgery or Botox. As there is no surgery needed there are no risks from using face tape

How much does face tape cost?

Compared to surgical facelifts and Botox the facelift tape is very cheap. You can buy face tape in beauty stores for under £20.

How does face tape work?

You can buy face tape in some beauty stores. Make sure the face is cleaned and completely dry before applying tape so it sticks properly. Face tape works by pulling the skin towards the outside of the face which smoothes out the wrinkles and takes years off peoples appearance. Results are instant and very noticeable. Tapes are usually only used once so they are mainly for people who want to look younger on certain advents and don?t want permanent results.

Advantages of facelift tapes

- They are very cheap compared to surgery and Botox - They make the skin smoother and healthier - You can apply it in your own home - Removes wrinkles and makes people look years younger - The tapes can easily be hid under the hair - They are easy to apply and only take a couple of minutes - Results are instant

Disadvantages of facelift tapes

- Can cause discomfort - Results are not permanent - They can only be used once - Not everyone can hide the tape - You need curtain types of hairstyles to cover up the tapes - If the tape is not applied properly it can easily be noticed

How effective is face tape?

Face tape is a non surgical procedure which makes you look younger. It has become very popular and is also used by actors, celebrities and models. Face tape is not permanent so may not be suitable for people who are looking for long lasting results. Face tape pulls the skin towards the hairline stretching and tightening the skin making it look younger and wrinkle free. Overall face tape is the safest and cheapest option and is very effective.

Types of Instant Facelift - Serum Facelifts

Currently the most popular way of getting an instant facelift is by applying a cream or serum to your whole face. Most instant facelift serums work by toning and tightening the skin and filling in the wrinkles. You have to wait a few minutes after applying them for them to dry and the effect lasts for 6-8 hours. With some serums, over time your fine wrinkles will disappear completely, because the ingredients in the product will also nourish your skin. Finding a serum that works for you can take a bit of trial and error, everybody?s skin is slightly different. Your beautician is the best person to advice you on which product is right for you and can usually supply you with the product at a good price. If you want to buy serums from home, start by buying one of the market leaders. Ideally, do not buy a product that is new to the market, rather buy one that has been popular for a few years and has good reviews. Before deciding if it is the right serum for you use the whole pot. Do not just slap it on, follow the instructions precisely and stick to the recommended amounts. Applying more than the recommended amount does not make most serums any more effective, in fact doing so usually clogs the wrinkles rather than smoothing them out.

Types of Instant Facelift - Thermage Facelifts

A Thermage facelift super heats the collagen in the lower layers of your skin, which stimulates the production of new skin, tissue and muscle cells. The procedure takes 15 minutes to an hour, but must be done by a qualified beautician. 99% of people who have a Thermage instant facelift experience no side effects at all. A few suffer some redness and a little swelling, but this usually clears within a week. However, there is a tiny risk of burns, or permanent bumps appearing just under the skin, especially if you use a beautician who does not have the correct training. Thermage facelifts will only help to improve fine wrinkles and will not work well on people with very uneven skin tone. The results are natural looking and last around 2 years.