Duchess of Alba Plastic Surgery

The Woman behind the Mask

When a woman of 85 years old can marry a man who is twenty-four years her junior she most have some beauty secrets. In the case of the Duchess of Alba, her tricks to staying youthful are far from secret. The eccentric Spanish Duchess is graced with having on of the most aristocratic titles on the planet. Due to her blood lines and ancestors, the Duchess of Alba, who full name is Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva, is nineteen times a countess and a marquesa twenty three times over.

The Duchess of Alba and her Plastic Surgery Obsession

The rather odd looking duchess has, in the past, caused much stir over her apparent love of plastic surgery. The Duchess of Alba makes no secrets of the fact that she has had countless plastic surgery procedures on her face and her body. To date, the duchess has had at least three nose jobs, lip fillers, botox injections, face lifts, eyebrow lifts, and a whole host of other plastic procedures.

The Obsession Extends Further

Although the Duchess of Alba has never talked publicly about plastic surgery procedures that she has had on her body, sources and experts believe that there have been many. Sources close to the Duchess revealed that she has had breast augmentation operations, liposuction on her thighs and stomach, and a tummy tuck operation. Going from how much the Duchess of Alba seems to love plastic surgery from looking at her face, it is likely to be true that she has also has extensive plastic cosmetic surgery procedures on other parts of her body too.

Get the Duchess of Alba look

It's unlikely that many people ever aspire to get the same look as the Duchess of Alba through plastic surgery; she may be used as an example of plastic surgery gone wrong. To get the look would require extensive sessions under the surgeon's knife. To achieve the same results, go for lip fillers, cheek fillers, an eyebrow lift, permanent make up tattoos, and a couple of botched nose jobs.