Kay Burley Surgical Facelift

Kay Makes The Cut

It has recently been revealed that the gorgeous Sky news presenter Kay Burley underwent a facelift just after her 50th birthday. Kay celebrating her birthday last December and at the beginning of the summer this year decided to take 3 weeks off work to undergo the cosmetic procedure. There was much speculation when Kay returned to work and one leading surgeon told tabloids he believed she had had some form of surgery due to her jaw line looking considerably tighter and the lines around her nose and mouth far less evident.

Has Kay been under the Knife Before?

Ten years ago, just after her 40th birthday, Kay went under the knife for the first time to have the bags under eyes removed and, when speaking to the tabloids recently, hasn’t ruled out the possibility of further surgery. Although Kay’s profession means she is in front of the camera on a daily basis the two cosmetic procedures were something Kay had done for herself.

Kay’s Colleague Speaks up

A former colleague of Kay’s believes that perhaps Kay suffers from a touch of low self esteem and, although she agrees that it’s entirely up to Kay whether or not she has surgery, she states that Kay really doesn’t need to. The colleague quoted “Kay is a brilliant professional whose beauty lights up the screen”.

The Surgery

Kay underwent her surgery back in early summer of this year and the procedure was undertaken by Rajiv Grover, a Harley Street surgeon, who removed the excess skin from Kay’s jaw line and tightened the skin around her neck. The entire procedure took 7 hours and Kay admits she was nervous but had no reason to be as the process was entirely pain free. Kay’s surgery set her back £10,000 but, judging by recent pictures of Kay’s beautiful, beaming face, was worth every penny. Kay is happy for the public to know about her surgery and has never had any intention of keeping it a secret, she feels that if it’s something women want to do to make them feel good about themselves then why not?