Kim Kardashian Facelift & Cosmetic Surgery

About Kim

Her real name is Kimberly Noel Kardashian and she was born on 21 October 1980. Most famous for her TV reality show with her sisters, Kim earned an estimated million dollars in one year alone. She owns several companies and earns money from appearances and modelling. She is the daughter of the late Robert Kardashian, a lawyer who worked on the OJ Simpson trial. Her beautiful dark looks come from her Armenian roots – her great grandparents on her father’s side emmigrated to America from Armenia.

Plastic fantastic

For such a young woman it would seem incredible that plastic surgery would be required. Rumours abound as to whether she has undergone the knife for bottom implants. Certainly, you would think the gravity defying shape of her is enhanced – however, in an effort to quieten the rumours she underwent an Xray to prove she was all real. Although it can be argued by those in the know –that if she has had fat transferred from other parts of her body, this would not necessarily appear on an Xray.

Mystery Plastic Surgery?

She makes a vast amount of money from her stunning good looks – so has she had work done on her face? If you look at older pictures of Kim her nose most certainly looks different, but Kim denies she has had this procedure. There’s always an element of rumour, we do change as we age, and sometimes for the better – so unless Kim wants to tell us – we can only compare photographs.

So yes or no?

Her mother had a face lift in time for Kim’s recent ill-fated marriage. Her step father has admitted to a “partial” face lift – but what about Kim? She is still young, and there are many procedures to keep her looking fresh faced way before the need for a face lift – such as Botox™ injections. Kim denies ever having any surgery at all, apart from a small amount of Botox™ that she says she once tried. Looking back year by year her face seems to change. This could be fillers and contouring and not a full on face lift. For the time being anyway the jury’s still out.