Advanced Mini Facelift Review

Advanced Mini Facelift

A mini facelift involves the tightening and lifting of facial skin to rejuvenate a youthful appearance and help reverse the signs of aging by lifting a sagging neck, jaw line and cheeks. An advanced mini facelift, sometimes referred to as the QuickLift Technique includes the additional tightening of the facial muscles beneath the skin using special stitches that further support the advanced facelift results. The advanced facelift has proven to be very popular in the UK due to achieving natural results immediately.

Benefits of the Advanced Facelift

The benefits of the advanced mini facelift procedure includes; the fact that there is no need for general anesthetic with possible sedation if the patient requests it, minimal scarring, bruising or swelling, less chance of complications than a full facelift procedure and excellent value for money. Advanced mini facelift procedures achieve results that are longer lasting than a normal mini facelift and are normally carried on an outpatient basis. An overnight stay may be advisable if the patient lives far away as this will put less stress on the patient returning home over a long distance immediately following surgery.

Advanced Facelift Recovery

The first couple of days following advanced mini facelift surgery may require the use of normal pain killers to help with any possible discomfort. Use these first few days to relax and avoid strenuous activities although light duties should be possible. Sleeping with the head in an elevated position will help to reduce the likely hood of swelling and refraining from wearing of make up for around three days is normally advised. All stitches should have been removed within two weeks following surgery and the final results should be more obvious a month after surgery.

Advanced Mini Facelift Prices

The cost of an advanced mini facelift should be around £3495 which includes all hospital fees and £3895 with sedation. If an overnight stay is required it will normally cost around £80 or £90 on average. Actual prices will vary between clinics based on their location and prestige as well as the amount of surgery required to achieve the results asked for by the patient. An initial consultation with a qualified cosmetic plastic surgeon from the chosen clinic will reveal the exact costs regarding hospital fees, medication and overnight stays. Prospective patients are advised to be very cautious not to go for the cheapest advanced mini facelift when comparing prices. Choosing price over the surgical excellence of the chosen surgeon and clinic could put your life at risk and increase the chances of surgical complications. It may be best to use the services of highly experienced cosmetic surgery comparison sites that operate within the UK and are run by established companies. These companies have many years of comparing and reviewing the top facelift surgeons in the UK and provide their services to the public for free via their websites.