Facial Skeletal Contouring

What is Skeletal Contouring?

Either if the procedure is carried out for cosmetic reasons or as part of reconstructive surgery, Skeletal Contouring is the term used for surgery that changes the underlying shape of a persons face. Surgeons can either reduce the size of a certain part of the face by shaving away some of the bone or they can add in pieces of the patients own bone or gristle to create a fuller look. Common types of skeletal contouring surgery include nose augmentation, cheek implants and reshaping of the forehead, chin and jaw bone. The results of skeletal contouring are often very apparent and can lead to dramatic changes in the way a person looks.

Who is skeletal contouring is recommend to?

Skeletal contouring procedures are often carried out as part of reconstructive surgery for those that have a facial disfigurement either from an accident or that they were born with. In this case, the patient will usually be referred by a GP with a recommendation of what procedure needs to be carried out, usually those who undertake the procedure for reconstructive reasons will be aiming for a more natural finish. In most other cases, skeletal contouring is a purely cosmetic procedure for people who are for some reason unhappy with the way that their face looks. In the case of skeletal contouring, there are few if any effective alternatives. Results will be permanent which is an important point to consider.

Procedure and Recovery

In most cases, when skeletal contouring is carried out, the patient will be given a general anesthetic. There will normally be apparent bruising to any area that is treated for at least one week after the operation which can last as long as four weeks. As skeletal contouring is a fairly invasive surgery, patients will be advised to rest thoroughly and refrain from strenuous exercise for at least two whole days after surgery. Some patients will require an overnight stay in the cosmetic clinic while others will be allowed to leave when the anesthetic has worn off.

The cost of Skeletal Contouring

The term 'skeletal contouring' covers a wide range of procedures from rhinoplasty to chin augmentation. The cost of surgery will depend on what specific treatment is being carried out and other factors including how long will need to be spent in the clinic. If the procedure is part of reconstruction surgery it is likely that the patient will not have to cover the cost of the procedure.