How Much Does Neck Lift Surgery Cost

What is a neck lift?

There are two types of neck lift available depending on what you want to achieve. The first is Cervicoplasty which is performed when there is an excess of skin to be removed and the second is Platysmaplasty. This procedure will improve the appearance of the neck by either removing or altering the muscles. Many patients also opt to have liposuction or Botox at the same time to remove any excess fat or to tighten the skin around the jaw.

What is involved?

The operation involves cuts being made behind the ears and below the chin to allow the neck muscle to be tightened and any excess muscle and skin to be removed afterwards. The wounds are then glued or stitched closed and bandaged to keep any drains in place. On average this procedure takes two to three hours and is carried out as a day patient. It normally takes around two weeks before you can return to work with any swelling lasting for several days. Any stitches are normally removed within ten days of the surgery but any heavy lifting or contact sports need to be avoided for a minimum of four weeks.

How much will it cost?

The price charged for a neck lift can vary greatly depending on what type of surgery you decide to go for. Cost is also based on the standard of the surgeon chosen with an average price being between three and five thousand pounds. If you decide to have other cosmetic surgery on the face at the same time, the surgeon may often be able to agree on reduced rates. The price you pay for your neck lift can also be greatly reduced if you opt to have surgery overseas with many Baltic state countries offering the same treatment for up to 50% less than the United Kingdom. The savings made are often used by patients to take a holiday in their chosen country while they recover. Wherever you choose to have this done it is important to thoroughly research the clinic you use to ensure that they are correctly registered and if possible, to obtain references from previous patients. Another way of reducing the cost of your procedure is to investigate and discuss with your surgeon if there are any other options that could give you the same result. One possibility is to have Liposuction to remove any excess fat from your neck. This can result in a slimmer, younger looking neck at a lesser cost.