The Cost of a Feather Face Lift

What is a Feather Face Lift?

A Feather Face Lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps to improve the appearance of someone's face after their skin has started to lose its elasticity over the years. It is a much less evasive way compared to the traditional methods as it includes a minimal amount of discomfort, no scarring and the recovery time is much quicker. Also there is no general anaesthesia needed so it is seen as a less dangerous type of surgery.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the procedure depends on several factors. The average prices are about £600 to £1800, but you may find some slightly either side of these figures. It varies from one country to another and different surgeons will charge differently. The average price in Spain is £937, whereas Czech Republic is £815, Poland £1323, and Switzerland £2256. The highest is Germany at £3506 and the lowest is Slovakia at £485. It is important to shop around for the best deal when looking for a Feather Face Lift and compare as many different prices as possible. However, make sure that you find a reputable and suitably qualified surgeon to carry out the procedure otherwise it could leave your life in danger or cause several problems afterwards. You must remember that this surgery is mainly for cosmetic reasons and so it is likely that it will not be covered by medical insurance.

How does a Feather Face Lift work?

First of all, the areas of your face are identified where the best results will be after lifting. They are marked out and a local anaesthetic is given along these lines. The threads are put into the hairline just above the ear for the cheeks and jowls, behind the ear and neck and above the forehead to lift the eyebrows. The ends of them are clipped and slip back underneath the skin. You will be taped up to stop it moving over the next couple of days.

How long does it take and what are the side effects?

The procedure generally takes about 1 to 2 hours but depends on the number of areas that are being worked upon. There are some mild side effects such as bruising and a little swelling but most people find that they are able to go back to work a few days afterwards so it shouldn't cause too much of a problem.