How Much Does A Mini Face Lift Cost?

A mini face lift or s-lift is a cosmetic procedure which aims to reduce the signs of ageing. Before you decide to undertake the procedure, you must be aware of mini face lift prices in the UK and the different types of mini face lifts.

What Types Of Mini Face Lifts Are There?

Mini face lifts focus on the bottom area of the face which is why they are cheaper than full face lifts. There are two types, an anterior mini face lift and a posterior mini face lift. The anterior mini face lift focuses on the mouth and lower cheeks, whereas the posterior mini face lift focuses on the upper neck and lower jowls.

Both procedures are less invasive than full face lifts, they leave less scars and sometimes do not require general anaesthetic, meaning that mini face lift prices are considerably less than full face lift prices.


  • Cheaper than a full face lift.
  • A younger fresher looking appearance.
  • Shorter recovery time.
  • The results look natural.
  • Improves self-confidence.
  • Scaring is minimal.
  • Less swelling and bruising that a full face lift.

The Procedure

Usually a local aesthetic will be injected behind and in front of both ears which numbs the face. A few minor incisions are made around the hair line and either at the back or front of the ears, which minimises scaring. The procedure usually takes one to two hours to complete.

What's Included In The Cost OF A Mini Face Lift?

Mini face lift prices in the UK vary from £2,000 to £10,000. The cost of a mini face lift is determined by a variety of factors including the experience of the surgeon, the hospital and how much work is involved in the treatment. Experienced and reputable surgeons can command much higher fees and can be found working in nationally represented companies as well as smaller private clinics.

Additionally, other costs which are factored into the price of a mini face lift in the UK include general anaesthetics, after care and hospital fees. Anaesthetics can cost quite a bit of money and professionals called anaesthesiologist's must administer these shots to ensure they are done correctly. After care is essential for any type of cosmetic surgery as it helps to speed up the recovery process and heal the facial tissue. This requires a bed and the time of nurses. Typically, these are all incorporated into a package. Some companies offer finance packages for mini face lifts but you must speak with them, if paying in full upfront does not suit you.

In most cases you will get what you pay for. So if you decide to get a very cheap mini face lift, you should expect to have minimal after care, cheaper anaesthetics and probably a less talented surgeon. Whereas a more expensive face lift will normally mean a great service, a face lift which will show minimal scarring and will heal very quickly.

Financing Your Mini Face Lift

Many cosmetic surgery clinics offer payment plans to make the cost of mini face lifts more affordable to their clients. These are either provided by the clinic themselves or by companies specialising in loans for cosmetic surgery. The interest rates and costs for the finance can vary between companies so shopping around providers can result in a significant reduction in cost.

Mini face lift prices in the UK can also vary according to where you have the procedure done. In central London you should expect to pay higher prices, whereas in a smaller less commercial city where it is cheaper to live, the cost of a mini face lift should be a lot less.

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