Face lift cream reviews uk

There are many anti-wrinkle creams on the market claiming amazing results. Face lift creams claim many things but which ones are the \’best\’ on the market. The truth is that it varies from review to review.

The best face lift creams on the market are reported as:


contains 4 antioxidants and an exclusive 6 peptides. It is these powerful peptides that the company claims to make Oxytokin the best customer rated anti-wrinkle formula on the market. Comparable face lift creams contain only 2 or 3 peptides and less antioxidants, couple this with the competitive price, then Oxytokin is considered one of the best buys. Customer satisfaction rates are high, with many repeat orders. Only 15% of customers don't re-order, quite remarkable in such a competitive market. If repeat orders impress look no further.

Prototype 37-C

is an anti-wrinkle serum and claims to out strip its competitors. Prototype 37-C contains 99% peptides and claims to reduce fine lines within days and erase wrinkles within weeks. Prototype 37-C has been scientifically tested and claims to safely eliminate wrinkles faster than other creams, even out performing Botox. Beauty professionals and skin specialists use and recommend this face lift cream and, with universal distribution it can also be bought easily across the counter.


face lift cream is the first to use \’stem-cell\’ technology to produce their formula. The cream has been scientifically developed using peptides, moisturisers, fruit extracts and essential oils. Dermavexin claims to replace damaged skin tissue and create unblemished and youthful looking skin by stimulating new collagen. By stimulating the skin Dermavexin has had amazing results with remarkable age reducing capacity within one week.


is a relatively new product to the anti-wrinkle cream market. Having cracked their original market to help remove stretch marks, customers were so happy with reduction of fine lines and wrinkles the company expanded into the anti-wrinkle cream market. This formula is a complex blend of ingredients including C-12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, striadril complex, PPG-12/SMDI copolymer, glyceryl stearate, PEG 100 stearate. Strivectin-SD also includes more commonly known ingredients such as cocoa and shea butter. Customers love this cream.

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream

is one of the markets best known anti-wrinkle creams. This product features one of the highest concentrations of amino-peptide complexes and hydrators to rejuvenate the skin. Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream is one of the best creams to firm and repair skin elasticity.

Renuvie Night Repair

is aimed at the night-time anti-wrinkle cream market. Using nanotechnology and proven peptides and antioxidants, Renuvie Night Repair works to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines while you sleep. Within one week Renuvie Night Repair's formula claims to eradicate deep wrinkles and give a more youthful look.