The cost of a MACS facelift and how long does it last?

What does a MACS Facelift Involve

A MACS facelift is the abbreviation for what is fully known as a Minimal Access Cranail Suspension facelift. It may also be referred to as a short-scar facelift. The technique is used for patients aged 40-55 to tighten a sagging face and remove jowls. As the name suggests, the procedure is much less invasive than traditional facelifts. In the operation, a small incision is made in the naturally occurring crease, in front of the ear. The subcutaneous tissue is then tightened with the use of two or three sutures. Any excess skin will then be removed. On average, the surgery takes three hours to complete. The procedure can be done under a local anaesthetic making it a day case. The shorter completion time and the use of local anaesthetic, results in MACS facial surgery being less expensive than conventional facelifts.

Recovery Time

A MACS face lift is a far less invasive procedure than a traditional facelift because it generally has a shorter recovery period. Right after your operation has taken place; you will have to wear bulking and firm bandages overnight. Along with this, small non-suction drains will be inserted behind the patient's ears. The next day both the drains and the bandages will be removed. After for at least one week, the patients will be required to wear an elastic 'chin up' bandage. This helps keep your face from moving too much and the healing process rapid. The overall removal of stitches starts with the patients eyelids five days after the operation, and alternating stitches from ears and hairline after five more days. Any and all remaining stitches from that point will be taken after ten days.

Ways to Pay for a MACS Lift

A MACS facelift is not permanent as the aging process will continue to cause sagging in the lower face. On average MACS lifts last around ten years, so patients may need to consider the cost of future surgery. As having a MACS lift is a significant investment many clinics offer finance to their patients to reduce the cost to a more manageable average monthly cost. Different companies offer different interest rates, so it is advisable to shop around to make sure you are getting the lowest possible cost.

Cost of a MACS Lift Abroad

Increasingly prospective surgery clients are choosing to have their surgery performed abroad as the average costs are much lower than in the UK. The average costs of MACS lifts in Europe are £1,500 to £3,500 however these prices do not include flights or accommodation. However, even after adding these extras to the cost it is still likely the cost of the surgery would be significantly lower than the UK average price. Also, specialist insurance needs to be purchased as standard travel insurance will not cover travelling abroad for surgery. For people prepared to travel even further, the average costs of MACS lift can drop as low as £1,000 in Cuba or South America. However, flights to these destinations will add a significant amount to the cost.

Risks and Results

The overall risks of this operation include bruising around the eyes, swelling, and sometimes lymphatic drainage post operation. One is advised to not engage in social activity if this happens for at least two weeks during treatment sessions with Arnica Cream. The results, after the rare post operation treatment, expect you to look anywhere from eight to ten years younger; these results vary in length depending on the elasticity of your skin, and the lifestyle you lead. On average, MACS lasts patients ten years. Be sure to take into consideration factors such as weight, diet, and exposure to sunlight. The cost of a MACS face lift is and how long does it lasts is simple; results last up to ten years for a procedure that ranges from £6,000 - £7,000. Be sure to consult your physician before undergoing any surgery.