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Non surgical face lift

Getting a non-surgical face lift

Looking for an alternative to invasive surgery, then a non-surgical face lift may be the right solution for you. There are many differing ways to go about obtaining a non-surgical face lift; most are better suited for those younger individuals just now experiencing signs of aging. Though this is the case, there are now methods that target individuals aging in their 40's and 50's who experience deeper wrinkles and sagging skin.

Advantages of a non-surgical face lift

A non-surgical face lit has numerous advantages. First and foremost, the overall cost of this procedure is substantially different. While a traditional and surgical face lift can cost a few thousand pounds depending on the severity of the operation, a non-surgical face lift can cost between £1000-£1800. Along with the severity of the operation, the size of the area being covered in the treatment is also a factor when judging the cost. In general, only one treatment is required; if the area is in need of more treatments, there is often no more than three. Each doctor is able to discuss specific recommendations for each patient's particular concerns.

Types of non-surgical face lift

Of all the new non-surgical face lift procedures available, the two most widely known are Thermage and Titan. Each of these treatment types utilize different proprietary technologies while essentially both aiming to eat the deep layers of skin to effect what is known as a healing response. This response from the skin causes an increased production of collagen as well as a remodeling of the existing collagen. The contracting of the underlying tissues of the skin from this process results in a tighter and far more uplifted appearance to the treated area(s) overall. This procedure is nothing like chemical peels and lifts of that sort, as there is no removal of the skin; this makes the process far more suitable for patients with darker skin tones.

Related Issues of Non-surgical face lifts

The risk, recovery, and downtime with non-surgical face lifts are rarely issues. Pain management, overall, has hardly been an issue. Some procedures do require use of local anesthetics or over the counter pain medication, while others use nothing at all. Each of the treatments does require some means of cooling the skin during the time the procedure is taking place. The downtime, for most patients, is minimal to non-existent. There is often some temporary swelling, redness, or even skin blanching immediately following a treatment. Some of the most serious risks of the treatment include bumps, blisters, pigmentation changes, or sometimes skin depressions. Each of those risks is extremely rare.

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