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Mini Face Lifts

Why a Face Lift?

There are a number of alternative techniques that can be employed by a surgeon whilst performing a face lift. Otherwise known as Rhytidectomy, a face lift in the simplest form aims at giving the patient a more youthful appearance and a smoother complexion by removing and tightening excess skin found around the face and neck. Before the development of the Mini Face Lift technique surgeons had the issue of presenting their patients with the desired youthful results but with noticeable and undesirable scarring. It is this the overcoming of this age old surgical obstacle that makes the Mini Face Lift one of the most significant innovations in cosmetic surgery.

The Cost of a Mini Face Lift in the UK

The Mini Face Lift, is also commonly referred to as a micro or weekend face lift, due to the fact that is can be carried out very quickly in comparison to more traditional forms of face lift surgery and patients generally recover in much less time. As well as a speedier procedure and faster recovery times, the cost of the mini face lift makes it an eye-catching deal.

One average patients looking to undergo Mini Face Lift surgery will be looking at prices of anything from £1600-£2100 for this procedure including after care.

Mini Face Lift Surgery

The main purpose of the Mini Face Lift, also known as the Short Scar and S-lift, is to minimise the amount of scarring that a patient will suffer as a result of surgery. Utilising the Mini Face Lift technique allows surgeons to eliminate the scarring in the crease behind the ear and in the hairline behind the ear, a significant development in cosmetic surgery practice.

Mini Face Lifts are typically more suitable for younger patients or for patients who have only recently started to notice the signs of ageing or for people who do not wish to undergo more intensive surgery. Patients who are experiencing much more serious sagging and drooping would find a traditional facelift much more beneficial.

While the procedure does not differ technically all that much to other types of face lifts, Mini Face Lifts allow patients to have work carried out on specific parts of the face and neck allowing the surgeon to target problematic areas precisely. In mini facelift procedures, the plastic surgeon makes smaller incision and may also take advantage of endoscopic facelift technology to lift, remove or reposition the facial tissues.

The Mini Face Lift Procedure

Typically a Mini Face Lift should last no longer than two hours and is a relatively straightforward surgical procedure. Firstly small incisions are made in the temporal hair area and are extended downwards in front of the ear to the earlobe or from the earlobe upwards. Depending on the physical proportions of the patients face the scar will be located either just in front of the ear or in the ear itself. As the incisions made are fewer and smaller, and as the operation is generally faster, not all patients are administered with general anaesthetic. Whether local or general anaesthesia is used is something that must be discussed between you and your surgeon beforehand.

Once the incisions have been made, the skin, as with other face lift techniques, is pulled back and tightened. When the surgeon correctly positions the skin into its new place, the excess skin is subsequently cut away and any incisions made are then closed with fine sutures.


Patients can expect to be back on their feet and returning to normal activities within a day or two although it is advised that any strenuous activities are avoided for at least 2 weeks post procedure. Mini Face Lift patients can expect to be back at work between a week and 10 days post surgery. The patient will initially experience bruising, swelling and will feel a strange sensation in their face which may last up to a couple of weeks after surgery, however the face will start to look and feel normal after this period.

Mini face lifts can also be combined with other forms of cosmetic surgery such as forehead and eyelid surgery for a more comprehensive approach to tackling the effects of ageing. However, often combining a mini face lift procedure with other forms of cosmetic surgery will increase the time required to fully recover.

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