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Cheapest One Stitch Face Lift in the UK - Reviews and Prices

What is a one-stitch face lift?

This is a procedure which is less intrusive than a standard facelift and has no side effects. It is used to lift and tighten loose skin and remove lines from the face and neck. It is a procedure that is ideally suited to middle aged women, although it can be carried out on men as well, leaving them with a natural appearance which can make them look anything up to five years younger. There is however no maximum age limit that applies to this surgery. As there is no noticeable sign of this having been done, other than minimal bruising, it is ideal for having done just prior to a special event and you can go back to work within hours if necessary, although it will take around four days for total recovery from this. It is often used together with a filler or Botox to achieve even better results.

The effects of this procedure will usually be effective for around five years although this will depend on the rate at which your skin continues to age.

What is involved?

This surgery is carried out under local anesthetic and is usually completed within around 30 minutes. There are no cuts made to any muscles and a large stitch is inserted under the skin each side of the face using a small incision at the hairline. Once these stitches have been secured they are used to pull up the skin leaving no obvious visual scarring.

The stitches have small cones along their length which get embedded in to the tissue to give the tension needed to reduce the sagging of the skin. These cones will then dissolve within days and be absorbed by the body. There is a very small risk of bruising and infection after this has been carried out. Patients are therefore required to take antibiotics for seven days afterwards and the stitches used include antiseptic.

How much does it cost?

As this is a minimally invasive procedure there is a much smaller cost involved than there would be for a full facelift. It usually, depending on the number of stitches needed, starts from around £2500 up to £4000 and includes the surgeon's fees and any aftercare that is required. As with any surgery of this type it is always advisable to have it carried out by a qualified surgeon and to obtain references from previous patients.

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